Pathfinder- Curse of The Crimson Throne

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Party Loot

3 vermin repellent

2 tanglefoot bags

Master thieves tools

Dust of disappearance- 3500g

3 blue wines poison

2 Masterwork Dagger

Vreeg’s Spell Book

2 bear's endurance potions

1 potion of blur

1 moderate wounds potion

1 shield of faith +3 potion

+1 chain shirt

Wand animate dead

Wand of cat's grace 11 charges

Wand of sculpt corpses 5 charges

5 alchemist fires

3 smoke bombs

1+ glamoured studded leather

Masterwork hand crossbow

2 screaming bolts

Flint and steel

Masterworks thieves tools

Masterwork manacles

4 doses of pesh

All of Ustalavic (book)

8 Healer's kit (79 uses)

Couple potions

6 plague bringer masks

23 black onyx gems 1,150

3 cure moderate wounds

1+ mithral chain shirt

+1 human bane rapier

Amulet of nat armour +1

Elixir of true healing

Button key for lift

Key to cabinet

Key to all of the doors

2 cure light wounds

4 +1 breastplates

4 scythes

4 keys prison

6 silver holy symbols of urgathoa

4 masterwork clubs

+2 mithril breastplate

+2 rapier

+1 mithril rapier

+1 cloak of resistance

Belt of Dex

Ring of Protection

Ring of Jumping

Potion of Bull Strength

+1 leather armor

+1 sawtooth saber

2 daggers

2 potion of resist fire

4 bright red herb


Party Money






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